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Juice therapy. Health course

Juice therapy

Health, restoring, rejuvenating course for people who are tired of working, willing to improve and rejuvenate your body, to prevent a number of diseases.For people with poor health, immunity, we propose to pass health-prophylactic course with the help of juices made from unique for its healing properties of tropical fruits and plants such as noni, coconut, papaya, passion fruit, Dulcamara and many others. We offer only the best juices most unique and medicinal fruits in the world. About the medicinal properties of the fruit, chemical composition, indications You can read our articles. All juices are prepared from fresh fruits grown in our garden without the use of chemical fertilizers, in ecologically clean area on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

To achieve positive results, each client individually selected length of the course, the required dosage, range, frequency of use of certain juices. All Recommended to use the juices do not contain allergens, but if you are currently accepted any medications, we recommend to consult with your doctor about the use of those or other juices. Except daily consumption of juice you will breathe clean air, enjoy the ocean and gather strength. Also, you will be offered home-made food of freshly caught seafood, fresh vegetables, fruit salads and juices, or at your request, you will have a dietary food. You will receive a memorable beach holidays in our Guest House "La Casa Ucraniana".

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Noni. Useful properties.

Noni juice is recommended for people with chronic diseases and the elderly, during the period when the medicines are no longer provide the desired therapeutic effect. Noni juice restores the body's ability to respond to treatment with medicines.

Noni juice is effective against a variety of bacteria (bacterial infections) and fungal diseases.

Noni stimulates the production of T-cells - an important component of our immune system, thereby increasing the body's immunity

Noni juice also increases the natural function of macrophages and lymphocytes, which are an important part of our body's defenses.

Noni reduces inflammatory symptoms: redness, swelling, heat and pain. Although Noni itself does not contain painkillers, it helps the body to use its own opportunities for analgesia.

Noni normalizes high blood pressure. With regular use of Noni increases efficiency, but it does not excite, like caffeine. In any case, is not doping. The body begins to function properly and better distributes the forces.

Noni juice stimulates normal sleep and body temperature, but it is not antipyretic, hypnotic or tranquilizer.

Noni improves mood, helps to get out of depression, but it is not an addictive substance.

Noni - a very powerful antioxidant, which displays the free radicals (destructive for our body). Free radicals lead to weakness of the immune system, premature aging and chronic diseases.

Noni juice is used as a wound-healing, through internal and external use. Reduces the need for sleep and rest by increasing the efficiency of metabolism: increases desire to act, and increases the concentration.

Noni juice has an effect on cancer cells in the early stages of the disease, halting their growth. Noni juice inhibits the growth of these cells.

People who regularly consume Noni juice disappear some types of headaches, stomach, intestine, and others pains.

Coconut juice.

Coconut juice is recommended to drink as a prophylactic against a number of diseases, as well as an aid for the following diseases:

Cardiovascular diseases.

Most people with high blood pressure have low levels of potassium in the body. Coconut juice contains a high concentration of potassium acid and lauric acid. So regular use of coconut juice can provide tangible assistance in the regulation of blood pressure. Coconut juice can also help increase HDL (good cholesterol), which makes it an excellent natural regulator of blood pressure and cholesterol levels, maintaining in good condition the cardiovascular system.

Problems with the skin (age spots, wrinkles and other diseases).

Coconut juice contains a lot of lauric acid and cytokinins. Cytokinins help regulate cell growth and division. Cytokinins and lauric acid may help to minimize the aging of skin cells, to balance the PH balance, and retain connective tissue when severe dehydration. The use of fresh coconut juice every night before going to sleep on the affected skin, reduces pimples, age spots, wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, and eczema.


Coconut juice contains many minerals that help regulate the internal water balance of the body, and replenish lost fluids and moisturizes the body. It also helps in the treatment of dehydration caused by dysentery, cholera, diarrhea and upset stomach. Daily consumption of one cup of coconut juice will help to overcome the anomaly of high temperatures, as well as help to quickly restore and moisturize the body after a tiring workout, exhausting exercise, or after diseases.

Digestive problems.

Getting in the human body, lauric acid is converted into a system with a high antiviral and antibacterial activity. Lauric acid is a composition of coconut juice. Thus, the juice helps to fight against intestinal worms, parasites, virus and other gastrointestinal infections in children and adults. Coconut juice not only carries the effect of the antibiotic, but can also moisturize organism.

For the normalization of weight.

Coconut juice helps to increase metabolic rate. Thus, it is very useful for people who want to normalize your weight.

Coconut water has a high content of potassium is useful for people who have been assigned preparations containing potassium.

Regular consumption of coconut juice gives the following results:

- Reducing toxins and antiviral effect;

- Assistance in the healing of age spots, acne and other skin problems;

- Getting rid of intestinal worms;

- Removal of fatigue;

- Improving the sustainability of the immune system;

- Diabetes Care;

- Relief from abdominal pain and intestinal disorders;

- Increased metabolism and weight normalization;

- Prevention of hypertension;

- Prevention of urolithiasis;

- Restoration of the acid-base balance of the body;

- Reducing the risk of cancer;

- Improvement of blood circulation;

- Increased tone.


All the elements that contains papaya fruit useful to humans and have a positive effect on the entire body. The composition of Papaya fruit includes the following main elements:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin D
  • Minerals
  • Potassiums
  • Chlorine
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Fructose
  • Glucose
  • Amino Acids
  • Enzymes

The main components of this wonderful fruit, undoubtedly are enzymes. One of the enzymes - Papain. Papain - is proteolytic enzyme of the hydrolase class that is contained in the fruit and leaves of the Papaya tree that catalyzes cleavage of peptides, proteins, amides and esters. This plant enzymeeasily to break down fats and starches in the human stomach. Papain is similar in their physiological effects on the gastric juice. Therefore, papaya fruit is a dietary product, helps digestion. Papain - is the most important of the six selected from the juice of papaya enzymes. Drugs, which structure includes papain, used in the treatment of thrombosis, burns, non-healing wounds, bedsores. Papain is harvested from immature green fruit in the skin which comprises a transparent milky juice, which is obtained by making incisions. In the air it quickly dries and crystallizes. This is the raw material, called Papaya-Latex. Of which is obtained enzyme papain. Other enzymes are: chymopapain A, chymopapain B, lysozyme kallaza lipase transferase and glutamine.


Along with its pleasant taste and appearance, the fruit is known for its health benefits. Passionfruit juice which contains polyphenols slows the growth of cancer cells education. Phenolic acids and flavonoids contained in this fruit, have a protective function for the heart. Also, the fruit is known for its antimicrobial activity. Passion fruit is a good source of antioxidants. The fruits have a fairly high in carbohydrates and simple sugars. They contain plant sterols, which help in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. It provides the right amount of protein and iron, in which our body needs. Passion fruit has a high vitamin C content - which means that it is very effective in stimulating the immune system. Vitamin A is contained in fruits, helps to improve eyesight, protect against many ailments and diseases, helps in the fight against various kinds of infections. Potassium helps in maintaining the normal level of liquid in the body. Also, potassium is effective in reducing blood pressure, promotes rapid healing of wounds, relieves headaches, support a proper balance of muscle energy and assists with the symptoms of arthritis. Iron - is another important nutrient that can be found in Marakuya. It strengthens the immune system, helps to carry oxygen through the blood, promotes a rush of energy and helps those who suffer from restless sleep. Passionfruit fiber is needed to reduce the level of fats and "bad" cholesterol in the blood. Fiber also helps in preventing constipation.

Fruit seeds are a vital source of fiber. Passionfruit possesses soporific properties. Marakuya seeds are natural tranquilizer, but not addictive, side effects and are not harmful to human health. Eating Marakuya juice with seeds before going to bed, you can relax and fall asleep without sleeping pills drugs. Passion fruit helps to reduce weight and maintain health. Marakuya juice is used to relieve the symptoms of rheumatism and gout. For many centuries, passion fruit is used as a sedative or soothing agent, also in the treatment of urinary tract infections and as a mild diuretic. Passionfruit is low in fat, and provides all the daily dietary needs of the organism. This fruit is very effective in relieving headaches, insomnia, and muscle tension. Antioxidants, which are contained in the passion fruit peel are also very useful in reducing of wheezing, while as flavonoids can be useful in reducing allergic inflammatory responses and numerous.


In the garden of the Guest House "La Casa Ucraniana" are growing all of the above and other fruits, from which we make juice for our guests.

Stay healthy!