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Silver island. Mini Galapagos.

Mini - Galapagos

Silver island / Isla de la Plata (spanish.) - is a small island in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Ecuador, in the province of Manabi, it is part of the National Park Machala. This island is located at a distance of 40 km from the mainland of Ecuador. Area of the island -14km2. The island's name comes from the legend of Sir Francis Drake. Legend says that Sir Francis Drake was a pirate who stole from the Spanish colonial treasures, among which were mainly silver jewelry. He had fled with them in a small boat and disappeared on the island. Spaniards followed the pirate. When the Spanish ship approached the island, they did not find a pirate and treasure. Pirate managed to run away. Before fleeing from the island, hi securely hidden treasures, that still has not been found. Today the island is a very popular tourist place. It attracts with its unusual fauna, which is very similar to the animal world of The Galapagos Islands hence the name Mini - Galapagos. Here tourists can observe the migration of whales, dolphins, sea turtles, a colony of rare birds, diving and discover the amazing underwater world.