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Official name: The Republic of Ecuador, Republica del Ecuador (Spanish).

Ecuador - a country in South America, divided by the equator into northern and southern part. Ecuador owns the mainland of South America and also the Galapagos Islands, located at a distance of about 1,000 km to the west coast of the country in the Pacific Ocean. The mainland bordering the Pacific Ocean in the west, north borders with Colombia, on the east and the south of Peru

The main part of Ecuador is located in the Andes at different heights, so the country has several climatic zones, which differ from each other by air temperature, humidity, vegetation. The highest peak in the country - the volcano Chimborazo, 6310m, eastern areas - covered by tropical forest and plains of the Amazon. Climatic and biological Ecuador is divided into four parts - Costa, Sierra, Oriente and the Galapagos Islands.

Capital - Quito (0 ° 15 'S, 78 ° 31' W)

Area: 256,370 km2, of which 7812 km2 is area of the Galapagos Islands.

Population: 14 million 306 thousand people. (estimated for 2010); 65% - the townspeople.

30% of the population lives in the coastal zone, 60% in the Andes and 10% in the Amazon.

Official Language: Spanish, which owns 92% of the population; 7% speak only Quechua, Shuar and other indigenous languages, which equated to an official in the areas inhabited by Indians.

Major nations: all citizens are called Ecuadorians. Traditionally there are four ethnic groups: Indians 25%, mestizos 65%, Creoles and whites (about 7%), Afro-Ecuadorians (about 3%).

Political system - social, legal, sovereign, unitary, multicultural and multiethnic democratic state.

Head of state and government - president elected by popular vote for four-year terms, it is possible a second consecutive term.

Parliament - unicameral National Assembly, 124 deputies elected by popular vote for 4-year term.

Judiciary - The National Court of Justice (Corte Suprema de Justicia), consisting of 21 judges.

The country consists of 22 provinces. Manabi - one of them. It is the third most populous province in Ecuador, which is located in our Guest House "La Casa Ucraniana".

Dialing code: 593

Monetary unit: US dollar (denoted $, US $, or USD accordance with ISO)

Prefix barcode for products originating in Ecuador: 786

Domains on the Internet: .ec

Place in rating of instability: 62 (from 177 in 2011; in 2010 the 69th place out of 177; in 2009 the 69th place out of 177; in 2008, 68 out of 177; in 2007, 73rd out of 177; 2006 63rd place out of 146). Relatively unstable state.

National holidays: January 1 New Year, 12 February - Day of the Amazon and the Galapagos, 27 February - Day of National Unity, movable date in February and March - Carnival of water, movable date in March-April - Holy Thursday, movable date in March April - Good Friday, May 1 - Labour Day, May 24 - the anniversary of the battle of Pichincha25, August 10 - Independence Day (1830, out of the existing Federation of Gran Colombia Bolivar), 2 November - All Saints' Day, December 25 - Christmas.